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Bali destinations


South Kuta


Ayung River Rafting


West Bali
Buleleng and Jembrana regency


Great Besakih temple
53 km from Denpasar city

Taman Ayun Temple
19 km from Denpasar city

Penglipuran village
5 km from Bangli city

Tenganan village
55 km from Denpasar city

Tanah Lot Temple
11 km from Tabanan city


Galungan and Kuningan Ceremony
Bali island

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Misool Island, bits of heaven sent to Raja Ampat for snorkeling and diving

Tinuku Travel ~ Misool Island is one of the four major islands in Raja Ampat Islands keep the diversity and beauty of underwater as a haven for diving and snorkeling. Amazing island area of 2,034 square kilometers and the highest point of 535 meters in Misool District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua.

Misool Island directly adjacent to Seram Sea, the island of Misool divided into West Misool and East Misool that holds 75 percent of the most beautiful fish of the world's coral triangle. Very wide open seas is also a main traffic route large animals such as whales and octopus in migration between Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

The sea water is very clear, showed wide open seas, white sand along the coast surrounded by tropical forests and mangrove trees. The travelers watch variety of panoramic underwater coral reefs rich in hundreds of diving spots scattered around the island.

The travelers can also visit some small villages to experience the exotic local culture. Mangrove forests …

Togean Islands National Park line Tomini bay perfect diving and snorkeling in coral triangle Central Sulawesi

Tinuku Travel ~ Taman Nasional Kepulauan Togean is a national park that includes Togean islands lining the Tomini bay area, Tojo Una-una regency, Central Sulawesi, was inaugurated in 2004 and has an area of 3,620 square kilometers includes lands and waters rich coral reefs and a variety of rare and beautiful marine life.

Panjang Beach in Rumberpon Island diving and snorkeling then sunbathe in quartz sand

Tinuku Travel ~ Long Beach is a coastline on the Rumberpon Island, Senebuai Village, Rumberpon District, Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua, absolutely heaven that fell to Earth. The beach has a length of 6 kilometers and white quartz sandy extend along the coast along a row of palm trees.

Panjang Beach and the beauty of sea in the west of Rumberpon Island present a calm atmosphere in a quiet Wondama Bay. The travelers diving and snorkeling in the beautiful coral reefs or water skiing, fishing, sunbathing and walking in quartz sand, white and gentle stretching to 6000 meters.

In another part of the island is tropical forests, grassland and mangrove forests. Marine biota covered in coral reefs is very natural and scattered around the coast. Rumberpon Island is home to rare animals are birds deer (Cervus timorensis), possum, albatross, dugongs and turtles.

Very gently sloping beach has a width of 100 from sea water line to the cliff, the structure is clear and calm waters exhibit shades …