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Climb Mount Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta and Selo Central Java, the most active volcano world

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Tinuku Travel ~ Gunung Merapi National Park has an altitude of 2,930 meters (2010) is a volcano in the north of Yogyakarta and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Mount Merapi is very beautiful for outdoor sports enthusiasts as tourist mountain destination.

Climb the peak of Mount Merapi passing lane tree forest vegetation, moss vegetation, sand, loose gravel, large rocks of lava frozen and foggy. Hiking paths, resting post, top positions and even the height of Mount Merapi change over recent activity volcanology.

Mount Merapi spewed material molten lava, rocks and volcanic ash every two to five years. The mountain is formed due to the activity in subduction zones Indo-Australian plate is moving under the Eurasian plate led to the emergence of volcanic activity along the central part of Java Island.

Tinuku Travel Climb Mount Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta and Selo Central Java Climb Mount Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta and Selo Central Java

Tinuku Travel Climb Mount Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta and Selo Central Java

Mount Merapi are in a straight line with Keraton Yogyakarta and Parangtritis trusted people of Yogyakarta as a trinity of cosmology which is closely linked to one another. Merapi as fire, water and the symbol of the South Sea Keraton Jogja is a counterweight.

The charm of Mount Merapi is very clear. The morning is the best time to enjoy the scenic beauty of Mount Merapi before fog enveloped down. Around 07.00 am the visitors should have started leaving for Kaliadem is a cool area at the foot of Mount Merapi about 35 km north of the city of Yogyakarta.

Major eruption in 2010 swept villages on the slopes and since it was not inhabited anymore. Region eruption is now used as a center trakking volcano. Visitors can pass through the trace eruption in Kinahrejo Village and Kepuharjo Village are buried in volcanic material.

At least there are several interesting places are visited during at Merapi volcano. Museum of Mount Merapi in the form of houses were destroyed and only in ruins due to exposure to eruption in 2010. Some properties such as portraits before and after the eruption, motorcycles, furniture and other household appliances in melted condition.

Kali Adem or Kali Gendol stands a statue of human face shaped stone as a monument to some of the houses were buried material volcano and its inhabitants until now could not be evacuated. There is a bunker as a shelter in case of eruption.

If visitors want to summit attact to be passing lane in Selo, Boyolali. Initially Merapi has several other climbing tracks is Kinahrejo in Sleman and Babadaan in Klaten, but after the eruption in 2010 have been closed, leaving only Selo tracks.

Selo pathway should lead to Barameru Basecamp in the village of Selo, Boyolali, Central Java. The only way to go the Barameru Basecamp is through the Cepogo and Muntilan. There are two routes to reach Selo are Yogyakarta-Boyolali-Cepogo-Selo or Yogyakarta-Muntilan-Ketep Pass-Selo.

Visitors who want to climb to the summit of Mount Merapi have to get the latest information that the status of the volcano under normal circumstances. Time to wander the slopes and mountain ridge to the summit of the fastest around 6-8 hours. Climb Mount Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta and Selo Central Java

Tinuku Travel Climb Mount Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta and Selo Central Java Climb Mount Merapi in Sleman Yogyakarta and Selo Central Java

Activity: Climb the peak of Merapi, camping, enjoying the mountain panorama, see collection of objects and animal bones were hit by the eruption, see the bunker rescue, crossing the suspension bridge, driving Jeep and mototrail tour. Hunting photography and videography, and others

Complementary facilities: parking, restrooms, hotels, restaurants.

Routes and public transport: Take the bus from anywhere via Jalan Kaliurang in northern Ring Road, Yogyakarta. If want to climb to the top via the route of Yogyakarta-Boyolali-Cepogo-Selo or Yogyakarta-Muntilan-Ketep Pass-Selo.

Location: Sleman (Yogyakarta) and Selo (Boyolali, Central Java).

Reach Access: 30 Km from the center of Yogyakarta (1 hour).

Tips: Bring a set of mountain climbing equipment and logistics, bring goggles dust remnants of the eruption and respiratory protective mask. Visitors can rent Jeep or mototrail to get around to few places.


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