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Pesona Tambora Festival the Sumbawa folk cultural feast to commemorate super eruption Mount Tambora

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Tinuku Travel ~ Festival Pesona Tambora is a annual folk culture feast in Dompu regency and Bima regency on Sumbawa Island and eight other districts in West Nusa Tenggara. The event held for a week in April to commemorate active stratovolcano and super eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815.

Pesona Tambora Festival is a tradition on Sumbawa island to commemorate the massive eruption of Mount Tambora on April 5, 1815. The event was held in variety activities featuring performances of traditional native culture and contemporary West Nusa Tenggara, various competitions, art exhibitions and workshops.

Mount Tambora is an active stratovolcano height of 4000 meters above sea level. A major eruption formed a caldera dry mountain peaks and flew into the air leaving only 2,850 meters high above sea level on this day.

Super eruption in 5 April 1815 sent the material to the stratosphere as high as 43 kilometers, killing 71,000 globally and three kingdoms in the Nusa Tenggara islands extinct. Tsunami more than 4 meters high hit the coast of several islands in Indonesia. The explosion stopped on July 15, but the darkness persists in London UK on June 28 to October 7, 1815.

The festival has a wide series of events such as Tambora Bike Camp, Tambora Running, Tambora Festival, Tambora Literary, Film Festival in Satonda, Exhibition of art and installation art-arches at the Art Gallery Satonda, Photographic Trip Tambora and others.

Trail adventure, mountain bike, fishing, paramotor and others. For environmental activities are reforestation area of Mount Tambora. Basar is Tambora coffee exhibition, folk markets and culinary feast, while the government present phinisi ship.

Tinuku Travel Pesona Tambora Festival the Sumbawa folk cultural feast to commemorate super eruption Mount Tambora

Location: Event center in Dompu city, Sumbawa island, West Nusa Tenggara.

Activity: Explore ethnography, archeology, architecture, culture and culinary.

Complementary facilities: Car parking, restrooms, restaurants hotels and resorts.

Reach access: 66 km from Bima city.

Routes and public transport: All flights to Bima city. Then by bus to Dompu city.


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