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Tampan Amma Beach extends 12 kilometers in Karakelang Island east side

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Tinuku Travel ~ Tampan Amma Beach is the coastal line on the east side of Karakelang Island or Karakelong Island in Talaud Islands Regency, North Sulawesi, which holds a million beautiful natural. The 12 kilometers of fine sand offers surf spots above Pacific Ocean ridge in hidden paradise in the land of thousands of islands.

Tinuku Travel Tampan Amma Beach extends 12 kilometers in Karakelang Island east side

Tampan Amma East Beach is the east coast of Karakelang island and touches the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The beach is 12 kilometers long and 60 to 80 kilometers wide when receding. The beautiful area includes four villages where the people blend with nature in Indonesia's outer islands.

Tourists explore the beaches by motorbike as an unforgettable adventure. The journey begins in Melonguane City to Beo District for about 60 minutes using a motorcycle taxi with rent per day 50 thousand rupiah. The journey continues east of the island to Riung Village in Tampan Amma District within two hours drive.

The beach is beautiful. Small to giant rock stood firmly on this beautiful beach when buffeted by waves. Exotic beaches as a welcome greeting in a hidden paradise. The beach at Lirung is the start of an adventure on a sandy track.

The adventure continues on sandland and driving must be careful. Occasionally have to split the waves on the beach or even through the giant rock crevices. Continue down the long beach and watch the life of the villagers doing daily activities.

The villagers on the coast often spend their relaxing time on the beach to catch each other, playing volleyball or footballs. Kids surfing with traditional surfboards. The parents make woven bamboo while chewing areca nut.

The journey across the 12 kilometer coast is more exciting when it comes to two rivers that must be traversed using a raft. Not only people, motorcycles are also transported using a raft. On the sides of river residents are fishing or spreading nets to catch fish as a show of the original landscape of humanist life of coastal residents.

At the end of the trip to Ammat Village, you can rest by the beach by setting up a tent. The atmosphere of the night increasingly completes the adventure on this Karakelang East Beach. In addition to adventure on a beautiful island, you also learn about the lives of people in a hidden paradise. Travel Tampan Amma Beach extends 12 kilometers in Karakelang Island east side

Location: Tampan Amma Beach, Karakelang Island, Talaud Islands District, North Sulawesi.

Activity: Surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, trekking, hiking, camping, hammocking. Explore the flora and fauna. Explore ethnography, archeology, architecture, culture and culinary. Hunting photography and videography, and others.

Complementary facilities: Motorbike taxis, several hotels in Melonguane City and guesthouses at Tampan Amma District.

Routes and public transport: All flights to Melangguane Airport, then drive to the east coast.


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